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Seeking to develop your own healthcare platform that can accommodate multiple providers and scale with your business expansion? Our solution offers a fully integrated, scalable and robust multi-provider healthcare platform for seamless operations.

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Partner with Thinkwik for an impactful healthcare platform solution

We offer a user-friendly healthcare management solution designed specifically for the healthcare industry. Our advanced software development service focuses on mobile development, enabling you to effortlessly manage healthcare operations from anywhere. Improve efficiency, enhance patient communication and maximize healthcare performance with our feature-rich solution. Experience the perfect healthcare management tool that elevates your organization, providing exceptional care and driving success.

Magnifying the approach towards healthcare needs

Healthcare is one of the pillars of any economy and has its own critical requirements that need tailored IT solutions. Our experienced engineers work together to design functional, competent products that meet all patient and doctor needs.

Appointment Scheduler

Optimize your healthcare appointments with our advanced appointment scheduling solution that enhance patient management and streamlines scheduling efficiency effortlessly.

Bill Generation

Efficiently generate accurate healthcare bills with our streamlined billing solution, ensuring seamless financial management and optimized revenue generation.

Health Tracking
Health Tracking

Monitor and optimize your health with our advanced health tracking solution for the healthcare industry. Set goals, track progress and make informed decisions for a healthier life.

Video consultation
Video Consultation

Connect with the healthcare professionals seamlessly through our video consultation solution. Access quality care remotely and receive expert advice anytime, anywhere.

Health connectivity
mHealth Connectivity

Enhance healthcare accessibility and connectivity with our mHealth solution, empowering patients and providers with seamless communication and data sharing.

Patient portal
Patient Portal

Empower patients with easy access to their health information and seamless communication with the healthcare providers through our patient portal solution.

Benefits of Healthcare Solutions

Thinkwik healthcare development services streamline the patient-doctor relationship, providing structure to the treatment journey and reducing time and costs. With expertise in integrating delivery systems, prescription systems and EHR mechanisms, our products are a crucial part of the homecare and healthcare ecosystem.

HealthCare Benefits

Experience the numerous benefits of healthcare solutions designed for patients. Gain easy access to care, seamless coordination between healthcare providers and active engagement in your healthcare journey. Enjoy convenient appointment scheduling, access to medical records and effortless communication with your healthcare team. Empower yourself with educational resources, tools to track your health and personalized care. Improve your overall healthcare experience and achieve better health outcomes with our user-friendly healthcare solutions.

HealthCare Benefits

Unlock the incredible benefits of healthcare solutions for doctors. Streamline patient management, simplify administrative tasks and improve communication with your patients. Enjoy efficient appointment scheduling, easy access to comprehensive patient records and seamless collaboration with fellow healthcare professionals. Empower yourself with advanced analytics and reporting tools for informed decision-making and enhanced patient care. Take your medical practice to new heights with our user-friendly healthcare solutions, optimizing your workflow and delivering exceptional healthcare services.

Designing compliance-friendly platforms that cater to the users

Our expertise lies in developing cutting-edge digital solutions that adhere to international healthcare standards, distinguishing us as a leading healthcare development company. Our app developers excel in crafting digital healthcare processes with wide-scale adoption in mind.

Personalization on patient apps helps understand their specific needs to engage them better. Location search, diet calculators, loyalty programs and recent search history offer unique recommendations to each patient.

Prioritize user needs and preferences when designing the platform, ensuring it is intuitive, easy to navigate and meets their expectations.

Continuously monitor and update the platform to address emerging compliance requirements, fix bugs and enhance functionality to meet evolving user needs.
HealthCare platforms

We build software solutions for

Healthcare Providers and Health Systems

Our advanced applications provide efficient and structured solutions for healthcare providers, optimizing their operations and facilitating seamless communication, resulting in time and cost savings.

Pharmaceutical and Biotech Firms

We offer custom solutions that cater to the unique requirements of pharmaceutical and biotech companies, including effective product management, streamlined marketing processes and improved internal organizational structures.

Independent Software Vendors

By developing healthcare applications, we enable independent software vendors to have better control over their client accounts and expand their services to a wider market, ultimately enhancing their business growth and market reach.

Insurance Companies

Our portal automates the filing and processing of medical insurance claims, ensuring instant confirmation and paperless delivery, simplifying the insurance workflow and improving efficiency for insurance companies.

Medical Device Companies

With our solutions, medical device companies can closely monitor their sales and gain critical insights into demand patterns, enabling informed decision-making and enhanced sales management.


Our healthcare apps optimize medical laboratory operations, managing test bookings, streamlining sample processing and facilitating seamless report sharing, boosting efficiency and productivity.

Digital expertise in PHI data security makes us the frontline partners for the healthcare ecosystem

Our mission is to lead a digital revolution in healthcare, harnessing our innovation and expertise to transform the industry. By delivering cutting-edge solutions, we strive to become a trusted development company in India and the USA, driving advancements for better patient care and improved health outcomes.

Compliance with Healthcare Industry Requirements

Our app developers have rich experience in building custom products fully compliant with HIPAA, GDPR and other regulations so that personal information is always safe.


Secure PHI Data Storage

We equip all client data securely at both our databases and on the client's devices, whether it is cloud-based or not. We take frequent data backups and regularly test the software recovery capabilities.

Transmission Security

For enhanced security, we use HTTPS or WebRTC with encryption for all doctor-patient communications. We meet the Health Level 7 standard for sharing and transferring medical data across systems.


Audit Control

We track all data movement and provide regular access reports and security incident reports to give you full visibility.

Access Control

Deploying several levels of security, from multi-factor authentication to unique user IDs, ensures that only authorized personnel access the healthcare data.


What we offer

Our healthcare platform provides user-friendly experiences and efficient tools to support you in achieving your objectives with enhanced functionality and convenience.


Easily schedule and manage your healthcare appointments with our intuitive solutions, ensuring timely access to the healthcare professionals & streamlined coordination of your healthcare needs.


Experience the convenience of virtual consultations with our telemedicine feature, connecting you with healthcare providers remotely for medical advice, diagnosis and prescriptions from the comfort of home.

One-click Ambulance

In case of emergencies, our one-click ambulance feature swiftly dispatches emergency medical services to your location, providing prompt and life-saving assistance when every second counts.

Multiple Payment Methods

Enjoy flexibility and convenience with our healthcare solutions offering multiple secure payment methods, allowing you to easily settle your medical bills and expenses with your preferred payment option.

Pill Reminder
Pill Reminder

Never miss a medication dose with our pill reminder feature, which sends timely notifications and reminders to ensure you stay on track with your prescribed medication regimen for optimal health management.

Wearable Integrations
Wearable Integrations

Seamlessly integrate your wearable devices, such as fitness trackers or smartwatches that enabling real-time health monitoring and data synchronization for a holistic view of your well-being.

Offers and discounts
Offers and Discounts

Benefit from exclusive offers and discounts available which provide cost-saving for medical services, medications and wellness programs, ensuring affordable access to quality healthcare.

Healthcare Chatbots
AI-driven Healthcare Chatbots

AI-driven healthcare chatbots revolutionize the industry by offering personalized medical advice, appointment scheduling and improved accessibility for enhanced patient engagement.

remote patient monitoring
IoT-enabled Remote Patient Monitoring

Enable real-time remote monitoring of patients' vital signs using integrated IoT devices, empowering healthcare providers to track health status, identify potential issues early and take prompt interventions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a range of healthcare software solutions to meet the diverse needs of the industry. Our services include electronic health record (EHR) systems, telemedicine platforms, healthcare mobile apps, medical billing and coding software, patient management systems and more.

Absolutely! We specialize in developing custom EHR systems that digitize and centralize patient health records, streamlining workflows and improving patient care. Our EHR solutions can include features such as appointment scheduling, medical history, lab results, e-prescriptions and more.

Yes, we offer telemedicine software solutions that enable virtual consultations and remote patient care. Our telemedicine platforms provide secure video conferencing, messaging capabilities, appointment scheduling and integration with EHR systems, facilitating convenient and accessible healthcare services.

Certainly! We provide mobile app development services for healthcare professionals and patients. Whether you need a mobile app for remote patient monitoring, medication reminders, appointment management or medical reference resources, we can create a user-friendly and feature-rich app.

Yes, we offer medical billing and coding software solutions for healthcare providers. Our software streamlines the billing and coding process, ensures accurate documentation, improves revenue cycle management, and helps healthcare organizations comply with industry regulations.

Absolutely! We have experience integrating healthcare software with various existing systems such as laboratory information systems, pharmacy management systems, imaging systems and more. These integrations enable seamless data exchange and enhance the overall efficiency of healthcare operations.

Our software solutions can assist in healthcare data analytics by capturing, organizing, and analyzing large volumes of healthcare data. We provide tools and algorithms for data mining, predictive analytics, population health management and performance monitoring, helping healthcare organizations derive actionable insights.

Yes, we prioritize data security and patient privacy in our healthcare solutions. We ensure compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) by implementing strict security measures, data encryption, access controls and audit trails to protect sensitive patient information.

Yes, we offer comprehensive maintenance and support services for healthcare software solutions. Our team can provide regular updates, address any technical issues, perform bug fixes and offer technical assistance to ensure the smooth and uninterrupted functioning of your healthcare applications.

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