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Thinkwik is a Node.js development company that offers customized web application development, API development, server-side development, and more. We use agile methodology and cutting-edge tools to deliver projects on time and help businesses become future-ready.

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Node.js Development Services

RESTful Node.js API Development
RESTful Node.js API Development

Hire Node.js API developers at Thinkwik to create and integrate secure, scalable, ready-to-use REST APIs using Node.js with seamless integration to the existing enterprise system improving its performance and functionality.

Node.js Web and Mobile App Development
Node.js Web and Mobile App Development

Our expert Node.js developers help different business verticals create cutting-edge web and mobile apps power-packed with features of enhanced security, uninterrupted user experience, advanced functions and responsiveness.

Custom Node.js Development
Custom Node.js Development

We rank among the best Node.js development company in India offering tailored business solutions creating industry-specific robust, dedicated and high-end custom web applications that stay ahead of your competition!

Node.js Package Development Solutions
Node.js Package Development Solutions

At Thinkwik, our proficient team of website developers implements reusable packages in Node.js to serve custom client demands and bring innovative node.js web development solutions.

Node.js Application Maintenance & Support
Node.js Application Maintenance & Support

We have a dedicated team of Node.js experts to troubleshoot and offer website maintenance services. Hire Node.js developers at Thinkwik and stay rest assured about uninterrupted customer experiences.

Node.js Migration Services
Node.js Migration Services

We help you seek the advantage of the latest features of Node.js and integrate your existing website or app to Node.js securely without any data loss.

Let’s Craft Your Ideas into Real-time Applications- Right From Scratch!

Node.js Development Experience

With extensive experience in Node.js website development solutions, we have our hands on all kinds of Node.js web application development from Real-time app development, Social Network application development, eCommerce platforms, ERP applications, to Enterprise and IoT based application development. Hire a Node.js development company in India to access exceptional website development services integrated with a specific domain approach.

For the years of experience offering best in industry node.js development services, we have successfully delivered websites and mobile applications related to industry-specific expertise for

  • Custom Node.js App Development
  • Node.js Enterprise Web App
  • Node Project Management Tools
  • Node.js Healthcare App
  • Node.js Procurement Solutions
  • Node.js eCommerce Solutions
  • Node.js Business Logistics
  • Node.js Socket Implementation
  • Corporate Software Solution
  • IoT Devices and App
  • Node.js Gaming App
  • Node.js Payment Gateway Integration
  • Node.js Learning Management Solutions
  • Audio/Video Broadcasting App Development

Why Choose THINKWIK for Node.js Development?

THINKWIK is a trusted web app development partner contributing to unmatched Node.js solutions for diverse industry verticals. Hire our well-trained and knowledgeable team of Node.js developers to experience scalable, reliable and effective solutions from social networking, API integration to business logistics. One will find traces of Thinkwik’s website development solutions for various industry clients across the globe. From Node.js consultation, Node.js migration to Node.js web app development and launch, our aptitude composes all.

Quick checkpoints making us the best choice as a Node.js development company are:

  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • Competitive Price Models
  • Industry Relevant Solutions
  • Domain-specific Approach
  • Code Optimization
  • Reliable Support
  • Agile Development Process
  • Integrity & Transparency
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Why Choose Node.js for
Web Development?

Superior Data Exchange
Superior Data Exchange

Using Node.js app development enables seamless data handling ensuring speedy backend efficacy for extraordinary website performance and uninterrupted customer experiences.

Hire Node.js Development in Company

At Thinkwik, we have a prolific team of Node.js developers to listen and review clients’ ideas of digital transformation and shape them into unique and robust platforms integrated with Node.js development solutions. Our Node.js experts are driven by the ever-changing digital space and thereby deliver as per the changing requirements.

Meet your business goals with an agile Node.js development process and flexible Node.js solutions. Take a look at our process of Node.js app development to create outstanding, function-rich and real-time web & mobile applications.

Hire Node.js Developers in India

Consultation and Analysis

Our Node.js experts have a detailed overview of the business requirements and industry domain. With a thorough analysis of the project requirements, our team outlines the project proposal.

Dedicate Node.js Developer Team

Once the project proposal is approved, we assign a dedicated project manager including a Node.js developer team to meet the project objectives and ensure everyone is in the loop.

Project Commencement

We further coordinate with the client’s business team to kick-start the development process and deliver outstanding solutions that exceed the client's expectations.

Node.js Engagement Model

As a leading web and mobile app development company in India, our Node experts stress enough the importance of choosing a flexible engagement model perfect for your project, committing to smooth collaboration and transparent work standards.

Explore our top 4 engagement models designed and adapted that match your project criteria and demands pursued over a rapid application development process.



  • As the name suggests, the Fixed-bid model goes by precise budget, exact time frames and predetermined deliverables.

  • The model is comparatively high in the budget for predictable projects with a definitive end goal, transparency and little flexibility.

  • With fixed project milestones, it requires less supervision and management from the client's end.

Time & Material

Time & Material

  • Flexible engagement model, used when the project scope is large or unable to predict the final project requirements including the use of time & resources.

  • Extremely flexible with an economical budget for large-sized projects that take up to months-years.

  • Offers great control to clients for projects with changing needs and expectations.

Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

  • Expand the in-house IT team by delegating project requirements to ramp up the product development process.

  • Convenient and cost-effective model to quickly scale the team aligned to your project needs.

  • Optimal for projects with dynamic scope offering great flexibility, predictable budget and a great degree of control across the development stages.



  • Perfect for long-term projects that require on-demand team augmentation from project managers, team leads to deliver managers leveraging particular domain-specific expertise.

  • Cheaper, faster and an efficient alternative to access the offshore talents with the company’s responsibility & risk of quality software product development.

  • Sophisticated model offering full control to the clients throughout the development process.

Our Designed, Developed and Distinguished Portfolio

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Node.js is a popular server-side technology used to build fast and scalable network applications with cross-platform support and impulsive data handling.

Node.js facilitates the best of both worlds with smart frontend and backend development including reusable coding standards that are widely accepted for quick web app development.

Node.js can be used to build top web applications serving different kinds of industry verticals namely,
  • Real-time Web Apps
  • eCommerce Applications
  • Social Networking Apps
  • Live Streaming Apps
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Node API Development
  • Enterprise-level Web Apps
  • Microservices

Node.js project development cost depends on several development facets such as platform, project domain, engagement model, project scope, complexity, features and functionalities.

Yes, Thinkwik assigns a dedicated team to take care of product maintenance and support after final delivery to encounter and troubleshoot any issues with the application performance ensuring flawless end-user experience.

Primarily, Node.js is ideal for traditional websites and backend APIs services with real-time push-based applications handling a lot of simultaneous connection requests.

The majority of software development companies prefer Node.js for building javascript microservices for systematic data organization across multiple platforms for precise operations and defined interfaces.

Node.js real-time development solutions are popular among the major industry sectors such as
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Learning Management
  • Social Networking & Communications