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I have been working with Thinkwik for the last 2 years and I have a great experience with a dedicated project manager Sulay, as it was easy to make difficult things done quickly at the last minute. Our project needs to be specific by which the output will be exactly as per our requirement. In all this, communication was the biggest factor, which was great. I will highly recommend Thinkwik as an outsourcing company for the UK.

Chris, Managing Director


I will recommend Thinkwik to an individual or company looking to develop a digital application as they are a joy to work. It goes without saying that they exceeded my expectations, whether it was just a document, design & development or process. They are very straightforward and transparent with profound communication. It is very refreshing to see a company go the extra mile from a virtual site and be so responsive and efficient.

Olawale, Founder


I’m happy to hire Thinkwik for a project of Yourlead as it was challenging, but these guys made it fresh and finished the project quickly. The Team was dedicated to the project and made no excuses- understand the requirements clearly, communicate well and jumped at the solution with prompt timing.

Dekel, Founder


I contacted Thinkwik, due to a high workload. These professionals are marvelous in their work. Dhaval is active and responsive and his developers are very competent coders. I can rely on their services with an estimated timeline and their ethics towards the development. I prefer Thinkwik for clear communication and skills in coding.

Dusan, CEO & Co-Owner


I have been working with Dhaval for the last 3 years on various PHP and Web-based projects. It has always been a very good & positive experience. I have always found his communication skills to be strong and his suggestions to improve my basic design to be helpful and insightful. I wish him all the best for his new venture “Thinkwik”

Stephen, Director


My professional experience has let me learn that working with people that believe in your dreams is better than anything; and that's what happened to me with Thinkwik. Since the beginning, they have been involved in every technical issue with a proactive response. I’m impeccable; even on some weekends, they have given me service. Congratulations to all your team for making people's dreams possible over these years. Continue like this Thinkwik.

Julio, CEO & Founder

Dea Mariska Febriani

The last four years have been great working with Thinkwik and we look forward to many more years of innovative, creative projects. He makes us known for our consistency of quality, and ideation which makes us deliver high-quality work. Nevertheless, he perceives us as problem solvers by approaching complex tasks in a variety of ways. He is happy to work with us and also encourages us to go beyond the limits.

Chris, Founder

jason rivolta

The dedicated development team at Thinkwik diligently tackled issues and successfully delivered the challenging aspects of the project.

Jason Rivolta, CEO

Dea Mariska Febriani

Thinkwik not only delivered on their promises but also exhibited remarkable responsiveness in meeting our developmental needs.

Dea Mariska Febriani, Managing Director