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An NFT platform dedicated to raising life-changing funds through collections of unique, one-of-a-kind NFTs based on real animals, benefiting animal conservation. Metadopt is a 5,678-piece NFT collection stored on the Solana blockchain and listed on Magic Eden.

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The Ask

To make a unique, fluid and user-accommodating site for NFT enthusiasts looking to invest in their own creation.



Customize your own unique NFT.


Mint your own NFT creation.


Significant portion of your payment goes to Sloth Conservation Foundation (SloCo).


Special events and limited-time accessories designed by rad artists.


Connect your wallet to securely store, manage and access your digital assets.


mint via credit card using crossmint

Why Thinkwik

  • Thinkwik is a well-known organization delivering the best IT services and products combining their marketing and technical expertise.
  • Owners of Metadopt are aware of the robust, cost justifiable, user accommodating services and products delivered by Thinkwik, which made them decide to go with Thinkwik for their quest.
metadopt why


Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are the latest trend that has taken the digital market by storm; worth an estimated $3 billion and still growing. Nearly everyone has heard about it and is looking for some way to try their hand in NFTs. According to an estimate, at least 35% of adults showed interest in NFTs.
In that case, Metadopt is the place to go.
With Metadopt you can not only customize your own NFT but also save endangered animals.

Nowadays NFT launch is like the lottery, you pay for your NFT and do not know what you get until after it’s minted. Chances are, you can be left with something that is not appealing to your tastes or with fewer rarities meaning the value may not be as high as others in that collection.

Metadopt is changing that.
Here the buyer will be able to create and customize their very own NFT.
This gives Metadopt an incredible edge in the web3 space with this new and innovative approach.
Metadopt lets you do all this all while keeping the lives of animals at their core.

metadopt insight
metadopt insight
metadopt insight
metadopt insight
metadopt insight
metadopt insight

“The clients are a passionate bunch of animal lovers and NFT enthusiasts.”

metadopt client

The Client

Metadopt started as most projects do; a few like-minded and passionate individuals wanted to build something incredible. After much discussion and brainstorming sessions, they decided that NFTs just for the sake of NFTs weren't good enough and acceptable. They wanted to do something more, something creative, something unique and one of a kind just like NFTs.

But most importantly, do something positive for the world and the beautiful animals in it.

In order to achieve their expectations, they came across SloCo after discovering footage of illegal deforestation in Costa Rica and the damage it's having on the sloth population. This led them to the decision of partnering with the Sloth Conservation Foundation (SloCo) founded by Dr Rebecca Cliffe in 2016. Dr Cliffe is dedicated to saving sloths in the wild through innovative research and conservation initiatives.

After hearing what Metadopt was all about, SloCo was overly excited to partner with Metadopt and bring these real-life animals into the metaverse through a collection of stunningly designed Sloth NFTs. The collection is actually inspired and based on real-life sloths; Bojangles, Beckett, Luna, Nacho and Croissant, each with their own interesting personalities and backstories.
Building and purchasing an NFT through Metadopt is virtually adopting these sloths. For each NFT, 20% of initial mint sales and 1% of ongoing royalties goes to SloCo to help develop solutions to save sloths and protect them in their natural habitat.


Metadopt strives to become the metaversal, game-changing brand that puts conservation and rescue efforts at the center of their core. Merging of cool art, merchandise, great causes and the animal-loving community. With Metadopt you aren't just “buying an NFT”, you're helping a real life endangered animal in the world and those who sacrifice everything to make sure that animal is safe.

With Metdopt you will not only be part of something that strives to be great but you can see first hand where and how those funds are used, keep up with your virtual adoptee and rest easy knowing that this beautiful creature is happy, cared for and loved. Metadpot strives to be a life changing way for NFT and saving animals.

Metadopt is fostering a welcoming, inclusive and awesome community of animal-lovers around the world.

metadopt mission


To help clients achieve their vision, we started with the designing of the website

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  • #472E5F


We wanted the website to look as lively as possible along with being user friendly and intuitive.

For the technology front, we chose Solana as the blockchain since; Solana is the fastest blockchain in the world and the fastest growing ecosystem in crypto, with thousands of projects spanning DeFi, NFTs, Web3 and more. Along with this Solanas scalability ensures transactions remain less than $0.01 and can rely on the speed; 400 millisecond block time.

Many users are new to the concept of NFTs, cryptos and have limited knowledge and find themselves overwhelmed after visiting many such NFT platforms. we observed that many such NFT platforms are very obsessed with the details and extras that limit the users to create and mint NFTs. In order to accommodate such users we created a very easy to use, navigate and spirited site. This will allow users to create, customize and mint their NTFs the way they desire without making them nervous and overwhelmed.


We added 363 items enabling the user to customize their characters leading to the permutation of over 10000+ possibilities of unique NFTs.

And in order to enable the admin to manage all this information, we created the admin panel which contains all the information such as the number of NFTs minted, number of crypto wallets connected to the platform, etc.
The admin panel also contains the accessories management section wherein the admin will be able to see and edit the number of categories that the accessories belong to, choose the rarity and availability of any accessory, add or remove any accessory.
Along with these features in the admin panel, we also added the animal management section so that in the future when the admin decides to add any other animal based on user recommendations, they can do that and associate that animal with their own set of accessories and properties.


  • Avatar Builder: customize your own NFT
  • (5Jungle Pass55): The ultimate Metadopt VIP pass with benefits now and forever.
  • Sloth Collection(5678): Sloth is the first animal for NFTs and being a part of SloCo, a significant portion goes for the welfare of Sloths.
  • Donations and giveaways
  • Vote for next animal
  • Within 2 months of launch more than 300 NFTs were minted and 400+ wallets were connected.

Tech Stack

We use a combination of modern and reliable technologies to create a solid foundation for the project and ensure seamless performance for our end users.

  • React.js
  • MongoDB
  • Express.js
  • Socket.IO
  • Solana
  • DynamoDB

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