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Platform designed for organizations to offer their employees great savings on new and refurbished tech, as well as the opportunity to recycle old devices, to ensure a sustainable approach in B2B markets.


The features of development

features of development
  • A website exclusively for corporate clients and their employees.
  • Buy brand new devices
  • Trade your used device for the best prices
  • Buy refurbished phones that have gone through rigorous quality testing.
  • 100s of devices added every day.
  • Help reduce carbon footprints by trading your old devices and buying refurbished phones.

What is Mobile Advantage

Mobile Advantage is the leading E-commerce platform that provides sustainable E-commerce solutions to employers. The platform is used by some of the most well-known organizations in the UK and helps them provide great mobile devices with heavily reduced costs for their employees.

Mobile Advantage is a UK-based mobile device retailing platform that has been in business since late 2020. Primarily aimed at employers to provide mobile phones at heavy discounts to their employees, the Mobile Advantage is now much more than that.

Within just a year of it being live, the platform managed to build a strong user base showcasing an impressive set of statistics.


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Product catalogues: 1700 phones, 800 tabs, 150 desktops

The Challenge

The client was on a mission of helping businesses provide their employees with the best mobile devices at the lowest possible price. They had already assembled a team of experts for examining the mobile devices, collecting and delivering them to customers with multiple methods of payment.

They needed a platform that can bring their vision to reality and creating such a complex platform that could make everything work in harmony was a challenge for the client. This is when they approached Thinkwik to build their dream idea. We helped the client with strategizing their vision with a promise to be with them for each step.


The Solution

Our all-stars team assembled to learn the requirements and expectations for their platform. After getting an in-depth understanding, we provided the client with a wireframe to help them visualize their idea. The client was impressed with our eye for detail and immediately gave us the green light to begin the development.

Our developers use the best industry standards of programming and started with the development of the platform by carefully selecting the best tech stack for the web application.


Our designers have decades of experience which is always translated into our projects and we always aim to provide the best UI/UX experience that the users are expecting.

Once the development was completed, our team of testers thoroughly tested the application. We rigorously performed both Functional and Non-Functinoal testing for Mobile Advantage. Functional testing involves unit, integration and end-to-end testing. Non-Functinoal testing involves performance, usability and compatibility testing.


Security is another aspect that acts as one of our core focuses while making any website. We performed the following steps to ensure users' privacy and security:

  • We used SSL/TLS for all our Web Apps and APIs.
  • We have an authentication layer above our database restricting access to any unauthorised users.
  • To add an extra layer of security, we encrypted the request and response payloads using end-to-end encryption.
  • We added client validation by allowing only authorised clients to access the APIs.
  • We designed the architecture of our databases in such a way that no user can access other users’ data by any means.

The future

Mobile Advantage became the go-to place for mobile device solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Mobile Advantage provides tech benefit schemes, helping employers reduce their carbon footprint whilst enabling employees to upgrade devices at a more affordable price. Employers don't need to look further if they are looking to provide their employees with sustainable mobile devices and help make them fat savings.



  • Significant £ savings for employees.
  • Employers get a no-cost co-branded online portal for assorted employee benefit schemes.
  • Employers enjoy enhancement in their benefit proposition, aiding recruitment and retention.
  • Environmental sustainability allows employers and employees to reduce their carbon footprint by trading and refurbishing devices.
  • All-time availability of new & refurbished mobile devices.
  • Being Certified and a team having experience of decades in the refurbished market, one of the most trusted platforms for users.
  • The platform allows for payroll adjustments to be made for any purchased items.
  • Being Certified and a team having experience of decades in the refurbished market, one of the most trusted platforms for users.
  • Availability of all leading brands of manufacturers & airtime providers.
  • Multiple user-centric methods for payment.
  • New devices and categories are added periodically like smartwatches, monitors, gaming consoles and many more to come.

Tech Stack

We use a combination of modern and reliable technologies to create a solid foundation for the project and ensure seamless performance for our end users.

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