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The Ask

To make a unique, fluid and user-accommodating site that makes life easier for individuals looking for professionals and professionals looking for a lead at the same time.

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  • Customers would be able to post the requirements of the service they require hassle-free.
  • Professionals looking for a lead will get leads based on their criteria.
  • Professionals will bid for leads and once won, the platform will notify the customer about the professionals that won and initiate a facility of chatting after which if the customer is comfortable would be able to go further with that professional.
  • Professionals are added only after thorough verification so the customers don't have to stress about the authenticity of a professional.
  • Customers will be able to limit the exposure of their personal information.

Why Thinkwik


Thinkwik is a well-known organization delivering the best IT services and products combining their marketing and technical expertise.


Owner of YourLead is aware of the robust, cost-justifiable, user-accommodating services and products delivered by Thinkwik, which made him decide to go with us for his quest.

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The Problem

In this day and age you would assume that for a professional finding a lead for the services they provide would be a relatively easier task than it would have been some decades ago. You would also assume that if you are a customer and you are finding a professional service, it would be easier as you would have a ton of options out there. You would however be surprised to know that the real picture is completely different.

When we talk about professionals working in the construction, renovation and service industry; finding a lead is crucial for their success.

91% of professionals consider leads as their most important aspect.
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53% of professionals spend half or more of their entire marketing budget on lead generation efforts.
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When a customer is looking for a professional in the construction, renovation and service industry they would have to share their personal information inorder to find a professional.

84% of customers say they want more control over how their data is being used.
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81% of professionals spend half or more of their entire marketing budget on lead generation efforts.
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Traditional method is a threat to customer's personal sensitive data if they are making it public just to find a professional for their service. Threat to personal data is at an all time high and customers are aware of this so data privacy and limited exposure of one's personal data is one of the chief priorities in this market.

The owner of YourLead while looking for a professional for a service they required in their house made him realize how difficult it is. When he posted the information about the services he required, he experienced that he was getting an overwhelming number of responses and finding a one that they can trust was difficult all at the expense of exposure which he was not comfortable with.

Whether you are a professional or a customer, finding a reliable quality lead is a rather difficult task despite the modern times.

The Solution

In order to free two birds with one key, YourLead was introduced. And for this Thinkwik was delighted that the client approached us for their awesome project.

Nowadays one single lead can become a deciding factor for any professional. Finding a quality lead is very crucial for any professional whether they are an up and coming startup or whether they are a well established organization. In any case, staying relevant to the market requires a lead with high potential and quality.

Similarly for a customer limiting their exposure and finding a professional according to their budget and the ones they can trust is always appreciated.

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Is it free? Sign me up!

  • It's completely free for the customers.
  • Customers will need to create a job where they will add in all the details.
  • Set the budget that they are comfortable with.
  • The professionals will compete to serve you.

Limited Exposure, Privacy Closer!

  • Professionals are only added after thorough verification so the customer can rest assured that their details are shared only with verified and trusted professionals.
  • This also ensures that the customer will not get bombarded with calls and spam messages which is often the case otherwise.
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You are in the driver's seat

  • Once verified the professionals will be able to select the range of the area that they wish to work in and based on that the job leads will be shown to them.
  • It's up to the professionals to decide the jobs they want to bid on and if they do not win the auction they do not have to pay a penny.
  • Once the auction ends the customer and professional will be notified and a chat among them will be initiated. The customer can chat with them and then make an informed decision based on the chat with which professional they wish to do business with.
  • The customer can select upto 3 highest bidders from the auction so that once the auction ends the customer can chat with all the winning professionals and can select one they are comfortable with if they wish to use this option.
  • If the professional is certain about a job, instead of bidding they can also opt for the get now option which will save them the hassle of bidding for just a small premium.

Save time, Save dime

  • When the customer creates a job, it will be active only for 24 hours so the customer can expect a response within a day.
  • When a professional starts bidding the timer will change to 1 hour instead of 24 hours so none of the party has to wait even for a whole day.
  • Instead of spending time, money and resources on dead end leads, professionals can rest assured that they will get 100s of jobs based on their criteria everyday. Professionals can spend time on another customer after serving one instead of finding leads which not only saves time but makes a dime in the process.
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Whether you are a customer that is looking for a professional to get their work done or a professional who is looking for a lead, YourLead is the perfect solution to your problems.

How it works


Easily post your job on to our portal

  • Let's say you are looking for a trusted professional for your needs in the construction, renovation and service industry.
  • You want a quick and efficient method for finding a professional.
  • Just add all the details of the service you require, the budget you desire and location in YourLead.
  • Local professionals will compete to serve you.
  • When you create a job it stays live for 24 hours so you can expect a quick response from trusted professionals.
  • When a professional starts bidding on the job, the timer will automatically change to 1 hour hence ensuring quick response.
  • You can select upto 3 professionals that can win the auction. Once there is a winner, a chat will be initiated beginning your journey to a successful result.
  • YourLead does the hard work for you and it’s completely free as well for the customer.

Find jobs that are perfect for you

  • Being a professional getting a lead becomes one of the most important aspects of the business.
  • YourLead Guarantees hot leads with minimal fuss.
  • Once passing the registration process, you’ll see 100s of live job offers in your area, each job only live for 24 hrs.
  • Once you find a job befitting your needs, you can start bidding and once bidding starts 1 hour auction will start right away, you don't have to pay a penny if you don't win.
  • If you are the highest bidder, you will be notified and a chat will initiate with a potential prospective client and turn them into a paying client.
  • Really Easy to use, fluid and dynamic admin panel that accommodates the admin for the platform management.
  • Dashboard with all the essential data related to the numbers of users, jobs and any other updates.
  • Content management module where the admin will be able to manage the content that is visible on the site.
  • User management module where the admin will be able to manage the users' meaning when any professional requests to join the admin will verify them thoroughly and later approve or disapprove them.
  • The admin will be able to set their notifications according to their preferences related to the updates and changes.


  • You Control your budget.
  • Very Limited exposure.
  • Get assured redeemable royalty points for all the actions taken in the platform with reputed partners such as Ikea, Lowe’s, Rooms To Go, Ashley, The Home Depot, Crate&Barrel and many more.
  • Easily seek potential customers and companies based on location, size and scope.
  • Efficient and effective.
  • No longer the need to send numerous emails and posts on various social media platforms, content marketing and blogs to find quality leads.
  • Saves time and effort.
  • Unique and transparent experience.

Tech Stack

We use a combination of modern and reliable technologies to create a solid foundation for the project and ensure seamless performance for our end users.

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